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Property Management

We are pleased to be able to offer you a fully comprehensive management service enabling you to rest assured that your property is in good hands.

Our full management service proves to be our most popular package as we become the first port of call for the tenant if there are any issues. The following aspects are also included:

Regular property inspections

The first inspection will be carried out 3 months after the commencement date and will usually be every 6 months thereafter unless there is an issue that requires special attention. We will check every room of the property to ensure it is being well looked after and we find this is a good opportunity for a tenant to raise any concerns they may have. It also provides us with a good indication as to how well the tenant is settling in and enables us to ascertain whether they are likely to become long term tenants.

Organising repairs and maintenance

Every property will require some work to be carried out at some point and once we have been notified by the tenant we will contact you immediately. Carrying out repairs quickly is as important for you as it is for the tenant. After all, repairs caught early can save money. We will use contractors that we know and trust or you can choose your own if you prefer.

Monitoring rent collection

When we manage a property we set up a standing order with the tenants which enables us to closely monitor rental payments. This will help us to pay any invoices (from contractors etc) on your behalf if required. Our management fee is deducted from the rental payment and then the remainder is sent directly to your bank with a monthly statement forwarded to you for your records.

Legal advice

We are happy to discuss any clauses in your tenancy agreement, or changes in legislation, with you in further detail.

Rent Reviews

As a landlord you have the right to review the rental figure on an annual basis and we are happy to advise on this, however it is sometimes worth remembering that having a good tenant in a property can be more valuable than a few extra pounds each month.

Ensuring your property and appliances comply with legislative requirements

This involves us keeping up to date with changes to legislation and advising you accordingly. Where works are required to the property or appliances within we will discuss these with you and arrange for the works to be carried out.

Negotiating deposit returns at the end of the tenancy

Returning a deposit once a tenancy has come to an end can be a sensitive issue. As members of the TDS we can provide up to date advice on how to make a claim including calculating appropriate figures on your claim and seeking the necessary quotes. Should we not be able to reach an amicable agreement between you and your tenant then the Independent Case Examiner for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme will arbitrate your case. We will compile the evidence and submit a claim on your behalf.

However this is the worst case scenario and quite often we find the full deposit can be returned to the tenant who has left the property in excellent condition following a thorough inspection.

Terms of Business

For Balfours Residential Lettings full Terms of Business please refer to our Lettings TOB 2019.