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Rural security

Valuation, Insurance and Sourcing Finance

Our RICS accredited valuers undertake formal valuations for tax and security, as well as management and potential property sales or purchases. We advise on rents, insurance and assist in the sourcing of rural finance.


This service includes

  • Farm and estate valuations
  • Freehold and rental valuations
  • Residential valuation
  • Land valuations
  • Probate and capital tax valuation
  • Charities Act valuations
  • Insurance valuation and advice
  • Loans, mortgages and finance
  • Telecoms valuation
  • Rental and freehold
  • Compulsory purchase
  • Easements and wayleaves
Opinions of value suitable for purpose | Balfours

Opinions of value suitable for purpose

Valuations come in many forms. Those to be relied upon by others are highly regulated in the way they are undertaken and presented, whilst others, such as those used for negotiation or internal use only, can be less formal. Our Valuers work as a team to ensure we have all the latest information to produce a well-researched opinion of value suitable for your purpose.

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