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Rural land use

Farm & Forestry Consultancy

We assist in the management of large areas of in-hand forestry and farming across the UK. We advise on and manage contracts, grants, and environmental schemes. We understand the importance of Tax. We help with regulatory compliance and the navigate competing land uses such as access and sport.


This service includes

  • Contract farming agreements
  • Grass and cropping licences
  • Environmental stewardship and land management
  • Natural capital
  • Carbon capture and biodiversity
  • Forestry planning, maintenance and harvest
  • Access, sporting and leisure
  • Taxation
  • Compliance
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Using Consultants and Specialists to achieve our clients' aims

We work with a variety of specialists and consultants to achieve our clients’ aims.

Our background and experience mean that farming and forestry is what we know. Because we work with so many different clients we can bring that experience to you.

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