Investor for Shropshire Community Foundation

Investor for Shropshire Community Foundation

Balfours is supporting one of Shropshire’s newest charities, Shropshire Community Foundation which was launched last year. Its challenge and goal are to make a positive difference across Shropshire.

Balfours Managing partner, Rory Galliers, says the collaborative venture, which the Foundation represents encapsulates the value of bringing people together to make a difference within the county. “The Foundation has opened doors to hugely worthy opportunities to support those doing good in Shropshire.”

Chair of Trustees, Selina Graham DL, reflects: “The Foundation team offers an alternative approach, supporting organisations to channel their charitable funds into areas and the causes which are most important to them, where their teams live and work. We welcome and thank Balfours as an investor.”

She adds: “Mother Theresa once said, ‘I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things. Our growing number of investors contribute to our goals, as do our volunteers and so many more: Together we are making a positive difference to good causes across the county.”