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Balfours can assist clients in all aspects of forestry management including support with felling licences, management plans, budgets and programmes to aid and facilitate a healthier and improved woodland structure for both timber production and the sporting interest.

The current uplift in timber markets brought about by the demand for woodchip for fuel biomass boilers has prompted previously unproductive woodland to be actively managed by thinning and clear felling, which in turn has helped to make these areas economic and to enhance the sporting potential.

As part of the management service, Balfours can source and instruct experienced contractors to carry out all aspects of forestry operations to include planting, plantation maintenance, felling, thinning and roadside tree work.

Sporting is an important part of modern woodland management and it is key that all forestry operations are carried out to benefit the shoot by enhancing the holding capacity of the woods, making flushing points, maintaining feed rides and opening up gun rides and stands.

For further information on forestry or woodland related issues This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..