LOT 1: Land at Lower Broxwood | Broxwood Court Estate, Broxwood, Leominster

Lot 1: Bonds Green and Woodland including Buildings at Crabtree Barn, Total: 58.16 acres (23.53 ha)
Guide Price

• Five Lots
• Agricultural
• Barn Conversion
• Lot 1: Bonds Green and Woodland Including Buildings at Crabtree Barn;
• Approx. 56.76 acres (22.96 ha) of pasture and 1.4 acres (0.56 ha) of woodland
• Total: 58.16 acres (23.53 ha)

Lot 1: Bonds Green and Woodland Including Buildings at Crabtree Barn; Approx. 56.76 acres (22.96 ha) of pasture and 1.4 acres (0.56 ha) of woodland. Total: 58.16 acres (23.53 ha)

The Land at Lower Broxwood is in a thriving, well established agricultural area with a good road network for access situated around the village of Broxwood and surrounded by the beautiful Herefordshire landscape. The cathedral city of Hereford is 16 miles away with the market towns of Leominster and Ludlow 11 and 22 miles respectively. The A44 and A49 are close-by and provide good road links to the national motorway network.

The land is relatively flat and all the arable land can be readily cultivated. The soil is generally a deep, well-drained, coarse, loamy soil (based on the Escrick 2 Series from the Soil Survey of England and Wales). This soil type is extensive in the Herefordshire and South Shropshire area. There has been underground drainage to improve the soil structure. Cereal Crops, Potatoes, Oilseed Rape and Beans have been grown as cash crops, producing good yields.

Lotting and Schedule of Acreages:

Lot 1: Bonds Green and Woodland Including Buildings at Crabtree Barn; Approx. 56.76 acres (22.96 ha) of pasture and 1.4 acres (0.56 ha) of woodland.
Total: 58.16 acres (23.53 ha)

Lot 2: Lower Roughs, Top Roughs, Middle Roughs, School Field and Lark Lie. Woodland: The Ashbed, Winney Wood (two blocks); Approx. 60.05 acres (24.3 ha) of arable and 21.3 acres (8.62 ha) of woodland.
Total: 81.35 acres (32.92 ha)

Lot 3: Church Field, Crabtree Field, Hopyard and Paddock; Approx. 38.22 acres (15.46 ha) of arable, 4.74 acres (1.91ha) of pasture and 1 acre (0.4 ha) of woodland.
Total: 43.98 acres (17.79ha)

Lot 4: Chapel Field; Approx. 16.32 acres (6.60 ha) of arable.
Total: 16.32 (6.60ha)

Lot 5: Triangle Field; Approx. 4.40 acres (1.78 ha) of pasture.
Total: 4.40 acres (1.78ha)

Environmental Schemes:
ELS and HLS schemes are in place and will be subject to undertakings being taken up by the purchaser. Further details are available from the Agent.

Basic Payment Scheme - Entitlements:
Subject to Rural Payment Agency regulations, the Vendors will transfer the entitlements included in the sale.

Land at Lower Broxwood will be subject to NVZ restrictions.

Sporting and Mineral Rights:
Sporting and Mineral rights are included over all 5 lots.

Tenure and Possession:
The land is freehold and will be sold with vacant possession on completion subject to Lots 1, 2 and 5 grazing agreements which will be surrendered on one month's notice.

Growing Crops:
Cropping will be subject to evaluation of the growing crops. Guide to value to be assessed by the Agent.

Access and Third Party Rights:
• Lot 1 – Roadside access through gates east of Bonds Green Farmhouse
• Lot 2 – Right of Access will be granted over land retained by Broxwood Court               Estate, within a fenced track to Lark Lie Field
• Lot 3 – Roadside access adjacent to entrance of Broxwood Court
• Lot 4 – Roadside access to the north of Lower Broxwood Village
• Lot 5 – Roadside access to the north of Lower Broxwood village

Boundaries, Hedges and Fences:
The purchaser(s) shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the boundaries and neither the Vendors nor their Agents will be responsible for defining ownership of the boundaries, hedges or fences.

Lot 3 is subject to a restrictive covenant. The estate retains the right to prohibit light industry, chicken buildings and horticultural tunnels on any of these fields.

Lot 1 - Application Code: 180243. Crabtree Barn, Broxwood, Pembridge, and Leominster: Proposed conversion of Crabtree Barn, currently in agricultural use, to a single residential dwelling. Approved 27th March 2018. Details of the Planning Application are available from the Agents on request. The property will be sold subject to any Development Plan, Tree Preservation Order, Town Planning, Schedule of Resolution or Notice which may be, or come into force, subject to any road widening or improvement schemes, land charges and statutory provision or by-laws without any obligation on the Vendors to specify them.

Lot Plan:
Numbers listed in the lot plan are Ordnance Survey numbers, not Rural Land Registry

• Lot 1 – Mains Water at Crabtree Barn with Meter
• Lot 2 – Mains Water is Available at Roadside in Lower Broxwood Village. A wayleave/easement will be granted to pass through retained land
• Lot 3 – Mains Water Available with Meter
• Lot 4 – Mains Water Available at Roadside
• Lot 5 – Mains Water Available at Roadside

Please refer to location plan.

Acreage: 58.16