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SY1, 2 and 3 up 5

Properties in Shrewsbury residential areas have seen a three to five per cent rise in value this calendar year.

The statistics were revealed to some 70 professionals attending Balfours Xtra seminar at the Mytton and Mermaid, yesterday (November 24). Speaking at the event Balfours town manager, Alistair Hilton said: “Properties in the SY1, 2 and 3 areas have risen in value by three to five per cent, those in the SY3 were up by 5.29% according to Zoopla.”

“The change in stamp duty last December has had the greatest impact on the £250,000 previous price barrier, giving buyers an extra £5,000 to put into their deposit. Some of those that were stuck at the £250,000 threshold are now selling for £275,000 showing a 10% increase. Buyers have also taken advantage of the 0.5% base rate – with ‘Loan To Value’- LTVs being more favourable and accessible than three or four years ago, with LTVs of 95% now available.”

He also highlighted new build as a significant growth area, with the 2014 market accounting for 10%, while 2015 has seen a strong increase to 15.7% this month. He says: “First time buyers can now approach developers with no money and the developer will offer 5%, together with other help to buy incentives.”

Highlighting several speedy sales at above guide, he added: “Buyers are out there, we had one buyer coming out of London who identified the property they wanted and despite competition above the guide price, they secured the Shrewsbury property nearer to £900,000, almost £100,000 above guide. Timing and location are key,” he added.

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