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Shropshire property market, Brexit statement:

Shropshire’s housing market is currently stable following the referendum, according to Tim Main, head of sales at Balfours, who has agreed sales since the UK opted to leave the EU.

He says: “It is inevitable that there will be some turmoil within the financial markets in the coming months. Our domestic property market will follow national trends to some extent, but our local economy - which drives our market - is a lot stronger than it was at the time of the economic downturn in 2008.”

He urged that Shropshire property buyers and sellers should not be afraid to progress sales and purchases: “People still need homes and will still want to move up and down the property ladder for a huge variety of personal reasons, thereby generating supply and demand.

“We have had one or two expats returning, who have delayed their decision due to the uncertainty in financial markets, but others will find properties cheaper with a slightly weaker pound and it may well entice more expats to invest in the UK.

“Generally it is business as usual at Balfours and I am pleased to report that we have agreed sales on the day of the Referendum outcome.”



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