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Rural Finance

There is never a better time than now, to reappraise existing farm enterprises and manage risks that the threatened future uncertainties may bring.

Securing extra borrowing facilities can ensure that when opportunities arise, the capital is available to act swiftly.

AMC’s Flexible Loan is an ideal starting place in providing a degree of unspecific working capital for businesses. A qualified agent can help you secure the right loan for you and your business.

Briefly the process is:

1. Meet the applicant to discuss the proposal and complete an application form. Farm Accounts and proof of Identity are required at this stage.

2. Next a summary analysis of the application, testing that the business can service the loan, ensuring security offered is sufficient and making a recommendation to AMC.

3. Completed application is then sent to the AMC. They will write to the applicant to confirm whether or not the proposal has been approved.

4. Applicant has 30 days to accept, sign and send the offer back to the AMC. No fees are incurred until or unless the applicant accepts the offer.

5. On receipt of an accepted loan offer, the AMC instruct the agent to value the security and the applicant’s solicitor to undertake the legal work required.

6. The timescale from the applicant accepting the loan offer to the AMC releasing the funds is generally around 12 weeks.

Balfours are the leading regional AMC Agents and specialise in putting loan applications together - for help and advice contact a Balfours expert: Peter Wright (01588 673314) or Rory Galliers (01743 241181).

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