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New Year – The Future Is Now

The holiday period presents a time for reflection, the year past and the future. What might have been a subconscious thought becomes a serious consideration, or a eureka moment – for some that will be a house move, writes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., of Balfours.

For us as agents, invariably the New Year sparks off a flurry of enquiries from home owners who are contemplating trading up, or down, to relocate locally or further afield.  The first meaningful intention is to invite agents to value the house – as that will be a driving factor to properly evaluate your options.

As good practice, two or three agents should be polled to give their thoughts on the house and when the prices come back, it is tempting to see the dangling lights of what one agent predicts against another. Why not go for the higher price, what is there to lose? Actually an excessively high price can put off buyers who may, once through the door have gone that extra £10k, because they recognise it is exactly what they want. A perceived “good buy” can also generate counter offers, taking you to precisely where you wanted to be.

Due to Brexit the property market is seeing very variable valuations. It is prudent that you select: The agent who you think will provide the right advice and who is prepared to tell it how it is – rather than what the vendor wants to hear, simply to gain an instruction; the agent who will be at the end of the phone at that critical moment, however out of hours that might be and the agent who will stand your corner, when the time comes.

Always look at the bigger picture. Does the offer help you to make that next move as New Year ambitions aspire to –and have you got your new home lined up? This year we would advocate back-to-back selling and buying – just to be the right side of any unknown Brexit vagaries. 

Does your agent know the market well enough for you to trust when guidance and counselling are required? No two sales are the same, but we, at Balfours, would like to think that if you are contemplating a sale – these considerations will stand you in good stead for the year ahead, wishing you a happy and fruitful 2019.

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