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Tartan in lounge not law

Plans hatched by Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader to change the face of Britain would be bad news for English property transactions should they ever be implemented south of the border.

That is the message from one of the county’s leading property agents, Tim Main, head of sales at Balfours Property Professionals, says, “If the Scottish system was perfect we would have followed suit by now. I often hear people say that vendors in Scotland have peace of mind that a sale is binding the moment it is agreed, preventing buyers from pulling out.

“However in Scotland it is all about commitment of capital; you can’t make an offer until your capital is freed up which, for most of us, means you have to have sold your own house first. That puts quite a stranglehold on the progression of property sales which we don’t suffer south of the border.”

According to Tim the only reason our process is wrong is because it allows you to shop for a house before you are ready. “On balance we have a fair system in England and Wales. Of course it is frustrating when an offer falls through, however it isn’t an everyday occurrence and most sales agreed do come to a positive conclusion.”

He adds: “Tartan might be very in vogue in home décor presently, but I think we have to be very wary of any change to our property law, particularly if strong willed SNPs arrive at the Commons shortly after May 7.”

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