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Worldwide Horizons – Settle In Broad Street

A belief in selling the dream energises perpetual drive and inspiration for Scott Kemsley, Balfours sales manager – Ludlow. He says it’s all about location, location and having worked in destinations around the world since his early 20s, Scott returned to his beloved South Shropshire roots three years ago.

Since then he has immersed himself as a sales agent with Balfours.  Now, reflecting the company’s continuing success in South Shropshire, West Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Mid Wales, Balfours has opened an Estate Agency office in Ludlow.

From its prime location at the top of Broad Street, Scott has a wry smile; “I lived in this very street 25 years ago, in my late teens,” he reflects. Prior to that he had grown up enjoying the surroundings of Richard’s Castle; combined with a healthy appetite for all things sporting. It is now, years later, that he appreciates just how special the South Shropshire border country is.

In his early 20s’ Scott was part of Ludlow’s flagship antiques world. However the crash of the dollar in the early 1990s saw the town’s thriving antiques trade plummet from 40 businesses to just four, almost overnight. I knew I had to move on,” he recalls. He exchanged Ludlow for London, where he found favour with an investment company.

Soon there was a move to Caracas, in Venezuela then Mexico City, next Milan, then Tripoli. Ultimately Scott settled in Lisbon for approximately 14 years where he brought up his son. He explains: “In Lisbon I gave up the day job and started buying and selling tourism projects for developers, hotels, golf courses and then residential deals too. I was managing offices and projects from Russia, Portugal and Brazil and travelling throughout Europe.

Following the loss of his father, Scott, keen to be closer to his mother who lives at Ashford Carbonell and for his son to share family life in Shropshire, began to keep a weather eye out for “the right opportunity.” In 2015 he reconnected with Ludlow joining the Balfours’ sales team –to cover South Shropshire and the three borders.

“I have been very lucky and met some fascinating people from all over the world – and none more so now that I am back in Shropshire. “The last three years, since returning to Shropshire, based in Balfours Shrewsbury agency has been just as exciting.” Here Scott has worked with a close knit team lead by head of sales, Alistair Hilton, in Shrewsbury’s Square to achieve a results based business with an enviable track record on 98.6 per cent of properties achieving guide price or more.

It is Scott’s expertise and ability to deliver for vendors that have fuelled the success and need for the new Ludlow agency. Of Ludlow he reflects: “Ludlow town has history, heritage and culture surpassing anything I have seen around the world. Then there is the surrounding green landscape, the buzz of nature, a vibrant countryside with cocooned villages - all offering lifestyle and well-being – and I know that is how so many others feel about this region – and why it continually entices people from the south and elsewhere who want to make it their home.”

He continues: “Castle Lodge for instance - an Elizabethan timber framed town house in Ludlow which was once home to child bride, Catherine of Aragon, who went on to become the first of Henry VIII’s six wives.  Castle Lodge has probably had as many agents in recent years.” The difference is Scott’s determination and will to win has yielded success where others has failed with a buyer found and contracts on the cusp of exchanging.

Not many have the opportunity to sell a house with such history. Then there is the grade II listed, Orleton House, a timber framed six bedroom property, tracking back to the 1600s, we received three offers after launch and sold to an ex-pat returning after 20 years abroad; similarly Stone House Farm Ruckley, Acton Burnell, was launched and sold in four hours.”

The last few months have been hectic in a good way, not only closing sales on his best ever half year, but setting up Broad Street, which will also provide a satellite agency for residential lettings, whose main base is at Oxon Business Park. Now Scott is hoping that he can replicate that success on the cricket square and golf course – as he too immerses himself in the quality of life South Shropshire and its borders offers.

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