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Space and location - 2022 USPs

The way we live is changing, as we drift and surge through the 21st century, home lifestyle values have been turned on their heads, and continue to evolve. Space and location are the strongest priorities for many.

Space for that home office, space to enjoy a garden and space for that recently gained dog or bicycle. Location is manifesting for many returning to the region of their roots, memories, or family. At Balfours we can endorse a significant migration and demand to Shropshire and its borders.

As vendors it is important to recognise that the evaluation of space is different for every individual, what one considers epically generous others might perceive to be more minimal. Yes, there has been a surge in rural sales. But what is rural? For some a private remote location is idyllic, while for others it may be perceived as scarily isolated, and a village or market town setting will be their rural idyl.

Shropshire vendors are currently in the driving seat, partly because housing stocks are low. So if you are considering a move in 2022, we would urge that you prepare now, because the past two years have taught us that nobody can foresee the future.

Of course your location is what it is – and it will have merit to many. As for space, decluttering is often an important part of preparation, ironically no furniture is equally as difficult. Not everyone can see the wood for the trees. Do pick up the phone and chat through your property aspirations with us.

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