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Landlords cannabis problem

Police across the UK are warning of an increase in commercial and domestic properties being used to house cannabis grows. Shropshire is not immune. Cannabis “grows” have hit local headlines more than a dozen times in the past year.

These “grow factories” cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to the properties and can pose a serious risk to the public due to the bypassing of the electrical supply. We as agents and you as landlord both have a part to play in staying vigilant.

There are many tell-tale signs of this illegal horticulture. Namely: lots of visitors, often at unsociable ours, excessive security, bright lights on by day and night, conversely, windows covered and blacked out, plus high levels of heat and condensation and suspicious amounts of green plant material discarded. Most of this you could notice without even entering the premises.

Another tell-tale sign is sudden jumps and drops in electricity bills. If in doubt ask for an immediate inspection, if there is no doubt call the police immediately.

Cannabis factories can of course cause landlords’ serious structural issues too, including damaged ceilings and walls, wiring ripped out, floorboards removed, furniture destroyed and water damage. A cannabis farm also increases the risk of fire or explosion.

A landlord being on friendly terms with your property’s local community is a good starting point. You will be helping each other: ensuring the neighbourhood is a safer and more pleasant place to live and the fabric of your property holds good. Jackie Monro FARLA FNAEA Head of Lettings


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