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Serving notice - England returns to normal

October 1st 2021, sees the reversion of tenancy notice legislation in England, writes Jackie Monro, Head of Lettings.

Following the reversal of emergency legislation, from next month, only two months notice will be required by landlords seeking to take properties back in hand. Therefore in England it is now prudent to wait until 1st of October 2021 before serving notice, because any notice served prior to that date requires four months notice.

Conversely at the time of writing landlords serving notice in Wales remain subject to Welsh Covid emergency legislation, and must still give six months notice, we await to see whether and when Wales reverses its emergency legislation. Therefore if, as a landlord, you need your property back in-hand, serve notice now.

In the meantime, the market remains incredibly strong, both in demand and value. This in turn means tenants considering a move are being cautious because the market is very competitive and landlords can afford to be selective.

If you want to be sure of your ground, the message, as always is to take professional advice, we are here to help and ensure landlords enjoy the buoyant market.

Jackie 2021

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