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Demand for pet friendly rentals on the up

A recent debate in the House of Lords has brought to the fore the issue landlords face when renting out properties to the millions of households who would like to have a pet – an issue heightened in the past 15 months by covid.

Most reasonable people, including landlords, tenants and agents recognise that whether cat, dog or other pet, additional cleaning and or re-decorating will be required, particularly at the end of the tenancy.

Furthermore some pets can potentially cause damage to home and garden beyond reasonable wear and tear. Some would argue that by already charging the maximum five-week deposit it leaves no capacity to claw back further deposit, should this be required against pet damage.

You may be aware that earlier in the year the government updated its Model Tenancy Agreement to encourage landlords to allow pets. To counter the deposit deficit at Balfours we endorse Lord Flight’s “new ideas” approach in the debate, namely landlords making a modest additional rental for pets and the possibility of requiring insurance policies to be taken out by tenants.

It goes without saying that where our landlords do allow pets we exercise great care to ensure we understand prospective tenants ethos and care of their pets. Finally, while we would understand a cat or dog can be a great companion it is essential to have a limit on the number allowed. Jackie Monro FARLA FNAEA, Head of Lettings

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