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Property Sales – Amid Political Turbulence

Prospective property vendors can take steps to progress their aims, despite the current uncertain political climate, according to one of Shropshire’s leading estate agents.

Addressing professionals at Balfours Xtra, near Shrewsbury, yesterday (Nov 26) Charlie Giffard, associate partner country house sales, acknowledges: “People have a wait and see approach, but there are real opportunities by initiating bespoke marketing lines for each client.

“Our aim is to have a good knowledge of the market and our clients’ objectives: What is driving their sale, personal, health or work reasons? When things are slow the first reaction is to look at the price, in reality we are not seeing an erosion of values the market is just quieter.”

Charlie told a packed audience, bespoke marketing – with incentivised structures, including “off market” whilst the market is so uncertain – enables everything to be ready to launch and promote when the time is right. Meantime with fifty per cent of Balfours buyers coming from outside the area a deal may well be brokered without even “going live with promotion.”

Ludlow sales manager, Scott Kemsley explained how some opportunities go against the current market trend: “As an agent you think this project or land is ‘market proof’ – and we can go to market regardless.”

They concluded that it is a discretionary market, but by understanding and working with the market, nationally and locally, while maximising marketing technology, quality photographs, floor plans and maps to manage and achieve client aspirations is the way forward, in readiness for when market confidence returns.

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