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Lifestyle Offer with Sustainable Growth

It comes as no surprise, to us, that 2019 has again seen Shrewsbury nominated one of the best places to live in the UK by The Sunday Times.

Shrewsbury was described as “an exceptionally attractive, defiantly unaffected town with an award-winning market and sweeping views” by the judging panel that used their own expert knowledge alongside statistics, including house prices.

Of course Ludlow too has achieved numerous accolades for being at the forefront of “good living,” again as judged by National newspapers. The truth is Shropshire is perfectly placed, far enough off the beaten track not to be a tourist hot-spot; yet central enough to enable residents comfortable commutes to many major cities, including the capital and the coast. 

Evenings and weekends are reserved for rambling Shropshire’s “Blue Remembered Hills”and meandering through mediaeval architecture to enjoy an independent fine dining experience. Shropshire’s coveted independent shops, bars and restaurants, together with high quality schools, both private and state run, give a flavour of the offer.

As does a county calendar punctuated with foodie festivals, race meetings, hill walks and the like, leaving just enough time to enjoy chosen past-times from golf and horse riding, to rowing, or simply walking the dog. In short Shropshire has the infra-structure to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Whether you pronounce it Shrowsbury or Shoosbury we know that living in the town, or in one of the county’s many market towns, villages or the countryside beyond, there are locations and a dwellings that suit every aspiration.

Comforting too is the fact that while house prices in some areas have a tendency to erratic movement; Shropshire’s statistics reflect stability with sustainable growth. Why not take time out to visit us in Shrewsbury’s Square, or on Broad Street in Ludlow where we will be happy to help deliver your vision.

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