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Let Market Blooming

Demand for residential lets is moving into peak season as people focus on summer holidays and making a new start.

Balfours agent, Charlotte George MARLA (Member of Association of Residential Letting Agents) says, now is the prime time for landlords to let any available property, with new employment timed to coincide with the beginning of a new academic year strengthening the market and reducing supply.

Charlotte explains: “We find teachers and doctors often start new employment in late August or September and hence are now searching for new accommodation. The summer holidays is recognised as an ideal time to move before the children go back to school, or start a new school.

“We experienced a 10% surge in demand during this period last year and it is likely to be similar this year, as parents and others plan their accommodation needs for new beginnings in employment and schools.”

According to Charlotte the summer also offers a chance for landlords to present their properties when they are looking their best, with gardens in full bloom looking more attractive, colourful and inviting, and the idea of Al Fresco dining is foremost in people’s minds. If you have a property available for let contact Charlotte George on 01743 277069.

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