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Inspections During A Tenancy - Essential

Inspecting a tenanted property is an essential part of a tenancy, but one that is often disliked by tenants and leaves landlords feeling uncomfortable.

As a result it is easily overlooked, yet landlords are leaving themselves open to finding themselves on the wrong side of the law and out of pocket, according to Charlotte George, MARLA, Head of Lettings at Balfours. 

She says: “While references must always be taken, new and short-term lettings should be inspected regularly to ensure a number of issues are in order and that the property is not being used illegally, for example growing cannabis. Also to check who is living there and that there are no unauthorised occupiers, as both these issues could leave the landlord liable to prosecution.”

The landlord also has legal obligations to keep the property structure, exterior, supply of utilities, space and water heating in good repair. By law the landlord has a duty of care, irrespective of action notice provided; ‘he ought in all the circumstances to have known of the relevant defect’.

Charlotte adds: “Inspections don’t have to be difficult. Using a third party to inspect what is the tenant’s home, puts a personal intrusion for the tenant on a professional footing. Once a tenant is established and settled for the long term it may be that such inspections can be less formal and done in the course of other management duties.”

Property inspections are a regular part of Charlotte’s job, therefore giving her the experience to progress an inspection quickly, with minimum intrusion to the tenant and none of the awkwardness. If you would like to discuss your rented properties, Charlotte George can be contacted on 01743 277069 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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